Maternity Leave To Do List

With precisely one month left of maternity leave before I return to work (albeit for reduced hours for the first two months) I thought I’d revisit the original maternity leave to do list I had planned to both execute fully and be on to at least my second, if not third list by now… Hey ho, no one can quite prepare you for the reality of having a (rather demanding) baby and realistically maybe only a quarter of the list has been ticked off!!

I thought I’d decide on a maternity leave top ten. In no particular order these are the things I really want to (but probably won’t) achieve in the next 31 days:

1. Clear out the garage – this one has been kicking around since way before Millie was even born and the reality is it is now filled with even more junk than before!

2. Create a memory box frame for Millie’s room – I saw a few really lovely memory picture ideas on Pinterest while I was pregnant and was determined to recreate these to make a beautiful memory picture to hang on Millies nursery wall. Fast forward almost a year and I have the newspaper from the day she was born, her hospital identity band and a few new born pictures all sorted ready to go but just haven’t found the time to make it into a frame yet! This is an idea I saw in Mamas and Papas and I love it


3. Decide on a suitable home office space – I work part of my week at home and as a result need a full blown office set up somewhere in my house. Millie’s nursery used to be our home office but that obviously is no more so I now need to decide where I’d like my office space to be. Currently a toss up between a small desk on our landing which is quite large with lots of natural light from a big window on the stairway or in the garage which would involve some building work to add windows,flooring etc but I quite like the idea of a little project…

4. The garden – this is a huge one! We moved into our house exactly two years ago. It was brand new when we bought it and the garden is really bad! It’s on a steep slope and really needs levelling before it is even safe for Millie to play in. Along with paving that needs doing and additional fencing… I can see this may still be on the list this time next year!

5. Take Millie to The Nurture Barn – this is a highly recommended play centre about 30minutes drive from home. We have been to many different soft play and other stay and plays but not only does this one have excellent reviews for its play equipment both indoor and out, it also has an allergy specialist cafe. Anyone who has kids with allergies will understand why I want to go here. It can be so hard to find anywhere that caters for allergies especially both dairy and soya free but also that offers food suitable for baby led weaning.

6. Sell some stuff – we literally have boxes and boxes of baby stuff we no longer need. Also see point 1! A little while ago I decided I’d like to try chalk painting and that it would be a great idea to buy a load of junk, paint it, turn it shabby chic and sell it on. Said junk is now cluttering up the garage and Mr H is ready to take it all to the tip! Me, determined to prove a point, I’ve promised I will sell it AND make a profit!!

7. Get fit – ok realistically this isn’t going to happen in a month but my fitness is shot after 18 months of no exercise other than pushing a pram! I need to work on losing the baby weight too but that’s a whole other story….

8. Make my home Pinterest worthy – when we moved into our house it was a blank canvas, I envisaged spending the first couple of years getting it exactly how I wanted it but within five months of living here a baby bump started to take priority. I now feel like every room is half finished.

9. Take Millie to the beach – I grew up living very close to the coast and took it for granted until I moved to London 15 years ago. I now really really miss walks along the beach on a cold winters day or eating fish and chips with the smell of sea air. Our nearest beach is probably just over an hour away so it realistically is a day trip for us but something I’d really like to do before returning to work.

10. Make a return to work list – honestly this is the one I’m avoiding doing the most!!!

I will revisit this list as I return to work and will update on how I’ve got on….


2 thoughts on “Maternity Leave To Do List

  1. Tracey @ Mummyshire says:

    That memory frame is gorgeous. We have photos up on the walls and believe me, once you do it you’ll feel so good because it’s there forever!
    I know what you mean about the garage – I think garages are there for junk and “projects” that haven’t quite yet been finished. I know it is in our house, too!
    Popping over from #TheList

    Liked by 1 person

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